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 Fathers  love their daughters explicitly! There are literally no bounds to their love. My luck wasn’t with me when suddenly one morning my father dint wake up from his sleep. He choose to lie there still instead of waking up and facing life problems like a warrior. No he dint suicide or something, he wasn’t given a fair chance. Life declared that he lost the war! That day a Mother lost her son, a wife lost her better half and a daughter lost her HERO! 

Trust me, life is really at ease when you have a father. We daughters have a habbit to rely on our Fathers for every small things. Be it your school decisions, the dress you want to wear for a party, the toppings over the pizza, the colour of your new doll and what not. But in this phase of life, we completely neglect a father’s needs. He ages day by day . It makes him hard to solve your maths problems, he cannot always spot the difference of colours without his specks, he forgets to buy you a chocolate, he makes you wait for a new dress but do we ever give a thought to this new side of our fathers? No,we dont. And this is exactly where he needs You to be besides him. But we are so considerate about our fathers that we keep on assuming that he is the strongest. Well obviously he is but his weakness is your future, your dreams, your ambitions and he literally works hard to fulfill all this not because it’s his responsibility but because it’s his insecurity, love and  possessiveness towards you.  

A father never expects anything in return. Does that mean he doesn’t need anything in return? Is he not a homosapien with emotions? He stays up late at the office, he doesn’t want to buy a new shirt on his birthday but he definitely loves it when you  choose to gift him one. He cannot see you before you sleep and kiss you goodnight but he makes sure he kisses you after you sleep. He never wants his daughter to date someone, not because he is an orthodox, but because the childlike love within him tells him that his daughter’s love will now be shared! 

And yet, he lets his daughter marry the person she wants to because his daughter’s happiness is more important to him than his insecurities. Great isn’t it? 

A father is a superhero. A superhero who saves his world (his father, mother, wife, daughter, son) from every problem. 

No one can love like a father! The feeling of being loved by a father is something out if this world and cannot be replaced by anything and anyone. Cherish it to the fullest. 

You will always look up to your father, no matter how tall you grow. ❤️❤️

Engineering or nothing… 

Engineers are one of the most influential people when it comes to carrier options. Engineering is fascinating, it is full of scope and ofcourse money alonghand. (That’s what people think) Talking about Indian families, they see no future if their children are not into engineering. But no one talks about it’s depth. No one tells you. that you require the right amount of  passion and interest in order to become a “good” engineer! Well, now here comes the main point,what exactly the term GOOD means in this context? Because all that matters in the end is the B. Tech/M. Tech degree in your hand. Unfortunately there is more than just a degree in life. 

“Life is not only money honey!” Very well said. I may earn lakhs of money in order to satisfy  the basic needs . Still would I call it a satisfied lifestyle? Definitely not, A lifestyle also includes happiness in what you are doing. It also involves the amount of ambition and determination the person is showing in his/her work. 

The degree does not define you. You may be a teacher, doctor, plumber, carpenter, driver, manager, absolutely anything and everything in the world if you have the correct ambition, interest and determination to do whatever you feel like doing. It is never about what society wants you to become, its always about what you want to become.  

However, its not like engineering shouldn’t be an option but it should not be the only option because other 1.5. Million people are opting it as an option! (yes! You read that right..) In a nutshell, if You yourself feel you can be an engineer, you should be one! 

Think wise live wise 😊

Being an Introvert

Human tendency says it is necessary to judge every person you meet..! So it goes like you say Hi hello, have a bit of conversation and you decide.. Was the person an Introvert or Extrovert??

Being an Introvert its very difficult to indulge into social groups or even have an one on one talk. This nature is often confused with Rudeness and ends up to a conclusion that the person is self-centred.

However the fact lies… Introverts do like to indulge into social groups, but are a bit peculiar about their choices and cannot carry a fake image of liking everyone. Being an Introvert its very difficult to make people understand that it takes time to indulge into social groups unlike Extroverts who can easily be friends with anyone.

Social awkwardness is not a state of mind but is a behaviour towards socialising.It can be cured along with time.

An Introvert also has another side of life.. It just takes the right person to see it! Try and be the one.

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